About Werk Mija

 Werk Mija has evolved from a lifestyle brand offering unique Latinx inspired apparel and accessories to a podcast community that celebrates the Latinx Cultura for Latina professionals and entrepreneurs inspiring generational change. We are on a mission to empower mujeres!

My name is Xochitl, the owner of Werk Mija. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in the Little Village neighborhood. Werk Mija is a brand by a Latina for Latinas where we can feel seen and shop culturally significant products that represent our Latinx heritage. We celebrate Latinx Heritage 365 days out of the year as opposed to one month for an advertising campaign.

Through the Werk Mija podcast we have created a platform to amplify Latina voices and share what it means to confidently show up Latina. It is the podcast where Empowered mujeres empower mujeres. The more these business owners that share their stories, the more they inspire future Latinx entrepreneurs.

Join Werk Mija on this journey to build a community that celebrates Latinx cultura and empowers mujeres to create generational change.